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I’ve been practicing Family Law in NM for over 20 years.

I know the court, the judges, the other lawyers, the system – and they know me.
Relationships formed over 20 years with judges and other family law professionals count for a lot. When a lawyer with a known ability for resolving cases out of court comes before a harried, overworked judge, the judge knows I’m there because the issue truly requires litigation. My client’s case is likely to be regarded with respect and afforded the detailed attention from the judge that it deserves.
I know litigation, settlement facilitation and collaborative divorce, well.
Some lawyers herd their clients into their comfort zone.
I’m comfortable and experienced with all types divorce proceedings. My clients get the type of divorce which best fits their family’s circumstances. And my long term relationships with court appointed mental health associates, guardian ad litem’s, forensic CPAs, etc., mean I can quickly access the exact professional needed: sometimes a CPA to look into support is all that is required; sometimes it’s an appraiser; sometimes a psychologist to recommend an age-appropriate parenting plan. Being able to see where the difficult issue lies and knowing who to bring on board to resolve it is a specialized skillset I’ve developed over time.
I know about the emotional devastation of divorce
No other law firm has spent the time and effort to ‘get’ what a client is going through, to develop effective techniques that respond to the client’s emotional needs and to advocate to ensure those needs are respected. My commitment lead to me to found Emotions and the the Law, and to help other professionals and clients themselves to better understand and handle the effects of emotionally charged negotiations and processes.

I know how to use what I know to protect you during your divorce.

We pursue the long term best interests of our clients in every family law dispute we participate in. To this we bring experience, excellence and the conviction that divorce can be a time of growth and new beginnings. Key to our approach is to:
The first job of a good family lawyer is to really listen to our client to make sure we will be responding to the client’s actual needs. Empathy and understanding are key to good listening.
Can we clearly enunciate the issues as the participants see them? Have we got it right? If not, how could we hope to address them? Many lawyers listen just long enough to fit the case into a neat legal box. Not us. We know each marriage is unique, and so is each divorce.
If our first job is to listen, our first priority is to protect our client, both financially and emotionally. What does our client need to get through this divorce and thrive in its aftermath, and what legal and other measures can we put in place to make that possible?
For us, to advocate means to make sure our clients’ (and their children’s) long term best interests are served. We are skilled in the most effective techniques and can either represent our clients in court or at the negotiating table or in court. Because our expertise covers the range of divorce options, we do not force fit our favored technique onto your divorce.
We know divorce is a difficult time and we do everything we can to help our clients get to life after divorce in the best shape possible. Sometimes a situation calls for expertise that goes beyond what a lawyer can provide. If that’s the case, WFL works with a wealth of professional associates, experts in everything from child development, to business evaluation, to protective agencies.

Emotions, Divorce & the Law

During divorce, most people experience grief, loss, disappointment, anger, fear and mistrust.

Strong, heartfelt, and usually totally justified emotions during divorce are never “wrong”, but they can be detrimental to your best legal interests. A good lawyer’s job is to acknowledge emotion, help the client cope with it and steer the best legal course while respecting the client’s emotional needs.


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