Implicit Bias

You just took the Stoop Task. The difficulty you experienced is caused by cognitive conflict: Information normally linked in your brain’s neural circuitry must be disassociated to correctly perform the task.

Effective Advocacy

A client comes in for a divorce acting crazy because she/he just can’t get over being rejected. Maybe it’s been months, or even years, since she/he found out their partner wanted out. Their rational...

Paying it Forward

On June 3rd, UNM Law School held its Scholarship Golf Classic and Walther Family Law was one of the event’s proud sponsors. Our sponsorship is important to us: proceeds provide three full-ride...

A Dog in the Office

For a lot of people, going to see a family lawyer isn’t easy. It’s often the first concrete step they take towards a divorce or in a custody battle - and it can be fraught with emotion. Even when it...

Of Dogs and the Law

I’m a dog person. Always have been. That’s one of the reasons I sponsored Albuquerque’s Dog Ball this year. The Ball benefited Albuquerque Animal Welfare’s spay and neuter program and I’m personally committed to the programs and associations that care for dogs and improve their lives.

Why Family Law is not your family’s friend

I’d like to talk about two disciplines not usually considered in the same context: the Law and Psychology. Psychology is about how we work as human beings, how we think and feel, while the Law is about enforcing rules of conduct, most usually those based on our society’s notion of individual rights. These disciplines tend to exist in different universes.

Marriage Equality: Kids!!!

Isn’t it always the case that the life gets more interesting and more complicated when kids enter the picture? The same holds true in same sex marriages, but in these marriages some of the complications can stem from the law.

Marriage Equality: Equal Rights and Equal Responsibilities

After a long wait, it’s finally legal to do what your hearts have been hankering after for a long time. But as with any marriage, same sex couples will be held to legal responsibilities that the sway of powerful emotions may cloud in the run up to the festivities. Love, passion and exuberance have a way of diminishing the import of the letter of the law when it comes to matrimony.