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Asset division decisions should always be well informed.

New Mexico is a community property state which means that any property acquired during the marriage is generally considered as joint property, regardless of how or by whom it was generated. Marital property division can still be complex and is often contentious. Two separate processes are often required.

Asset Discovery

When full disclosure is not forthcoming or when evasive tactics have been used to hide assets, an experienced divorce attorney can usually see the telltale signs and knows to bring in a financial expert look to for hidden assets. Even when there is no intent to hide assets, a complex financial situation will require an asset discovery phase.

Asset Valuation

Here as well, attorneys must be financially astute enough to know when a financial professional is required to accurately value such assets as businesses, real estate, personal property, retirement pensions, stock options, trusts and marital debt. In addition, a lawyer experienced in Asset Valuation brings knowledge of how the courts would typically treat such assets. This is important information, regardless of whether the case will be settled out of court or litigated.

Walther Family Law attorneys are well versed in complex property division, with deep experience in high net worth cases.

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